Thagya Min

Thagya Min

The Spirit King

Also known as:

Thagya Nat

Thagya Min is the Nat king and the guardian Nat of Buddhism. He presides over the Thirty-Seven Official Nats and keeps them in line. Thagya Min is Indra in disguise, filtered through the pantheon of Indian Buddhism. (

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Indra.) King Anawratha (ruled 1044–1077) declared Thagya Min head of the Nat pantheon. (Whether Nats not included among the official thirty-seven are impressed with this declaration is subject to debate.)

Thagya Min keeps track of all human actions. Every year, he records the names of thosewho perform good deeds in a book made of gold leaves. He has another book made of dog skin in which he records the names of evil-doers. Complaints and requests for justice may be addressed to Thagya Min. He occasionally gives devotees gifts of amazing spirit-horses.

Thagya Min may be venerated alongside the Buddha.

Offering: Devotees traditionally light a candle for Thagya Min daily.

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