The Laws of the Four Princes of Hell

1. Love those who love you, destroy those who hate you.

2. The only power higher then Magick is will.

3. Praise not ever the weak, nor pity them, for the weak hinder the strong.

4. Sin is nothing to us, “Sin” or to deny is the true sin.

5. Man is a predatory animal, who to survive must deprive others of their basic needs.

6. Fear not ever death, for it is forbidden to the gods.

7. To love all is an abomination, hate is in mans nature.

8. He who says “Thou shall not” shall perish to those who say “Thou shall”!

9. Travel not the planes of earth as a fool or slave, but as a master of fools and slaves.

10. Never regret performing a ritual lest it shall backfire.

11. To kill another is only acceptable through Magick!

The Laws of the Four Princes of Hell  By Rev. Frederick Nagash

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