The Morrigan

Morrigan, the In Irish mythology, one of three war goddesses, the other two being Neman and Macha. She also was the mighty Queen, viewed either as a Triple Goddess or the death aspect of the Goddess. Robert Graves gave three aspects of the morrigan: Ana, Babd and Macha.

In legend, the Morrigan protected the Tuatha de Danaan (see Fairies) with a cover of fog and rain so that their boats could land upon the shore of Ireland. On battlefields, she appeared as a raven or scald crow, eating the bodies of the dead. She could present a winsome side that hid her secret intentions of destroying someone, or she could be openly vengeful. She fell in love with Cuchulain, the heroic son of Lugh but was rejected by him. In anger, she harassed him on the battlefield, then tried, in vain, to save his life.

The Morrigan sometimes is associated with the three phases of the moon—waxing, full and waning—and with the maiden, matron and crone aspects of the Goddess.

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