The Ritual of the Enochian Prayer

Before I go further, I must inform you that this is the first plane of Outer Torelia. This is a ritual of praise or hymn. During this ritual, offerings or sacrifice may be made. This is the perfect ritual to increase spiritual connection with both Torelia and your Deities. Attire A ritual robe is required to perform this ritual. The Ritual Purify the Chamber! Envision your god(s) being conjured for about 10 minutes. Next, draw out a sigil for the Deity being called upon and put it in your bowl. The Creative Step

Write a poem or song for the Deity. Recite Caosgi, Vovina, Oxiayal! Action Ring the bell! Turn off all lights and ignite the candles and incense. Envision just the sigil of the Deity being conjured for about 2 or 3 minutes. Now recite the Enochian Prayer to Zorabia and ring the bell! You may now make sacrifice or an offering to your Deity and say: “Zorabia” Ring the bell! Banishing To allow the Deity to leave and return to it's realm once again, simply sprinkle sulfur over the sigil in the bowl and ignite it while saying: “It is done” Ring the bell! 

The Ritual of the Enochian Prayer By Rev. Frederick Nagash 



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