The Watchers

The name the Watchers is sometimes used to refer to extraterrestrials whose motive for visiting Earth is said to be saving the planet from destruction due to environmental damage, nuclear war, or other human-made disasters. The name arose from the alien abduction claims of Betty Andreasson Luca, as described in Raymond Fowler’s book The Watchers (1990). Fowler reports that one of the extraterrestrials who abducted Luca told her that he and his peers were “caretakers” or “watchers” of Earth who have kept the planet safe from destruction ever since human beings were created. Luca further said that the aliens also wanted to protect humans, because without them the planet would not be in balance. Consequently, according to the aliens, humans were being abducted in order to test them for damage due to environmental pollution. Fowler speculates that this is the reason why alien abduction reports increased as Earth’s environmental problems increased. Interestingly, one of the most common features of abduction stories is a warning from the aliens that humans need to stop destroying Earth’s ecosystem.


  • alien abduction experiences;
  • Fowler, Raymond


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