The Wendigo

A DNA test has been ordered to determine the species of a mystery beast killed in Turner, Maine, that some believe was a mythical creature called a “wendigo.”

The Lewiston (Maine) Sun Journal shipped DNA samples from the “Turner Beast” to Dr. Irv Kornfield at the University of Maine and to HealthGene Corp. in Toronto to attempt to determine what sort of animal was killed by a car Aug. 12, the newspaper said. Results are expected back later in the week.

Canadian researcher Michael de Sackville, who has written 23 nonfiction books on history and anthropology, said the animal could be a feral dog or a wolf-dog hybrid, “but it could also be a little monster long known to the Algonkian-speaking Aboriginal peoples of northeastern North America as the ‘wendigo.'”

“The northeastern Indians told tales of the wendigo entering villages by night and breaking into individual long houses where it often carried off small children. This reminds one of the much more recent tales told by Turner residents about the ‘beast’ that would skulk around farmhouses at night and attack pets left outside,” de Sackville said.

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