These Mysterious People -Nandor Fodor

These Mysterious People -Nandor FodorTHE TWENTY­FIVE articles published in this book were originally written for Northcliffe Newspapers, Ltd. They first appeared in the “Bristol Evening World” in April and May, 1934. Their claim on the interest of the book­reading public lies in the fact that they fill a gap.

Although Psychical Research and Spiritualism has a vast literature no single book has yet presented, in the form of short narratives, the stories of famous mediums of the past and present. I wish to stress that these narratives were written for the general public. It was my purpose to show that there are true stories which vie in fascination with the most popular thrillers.

Also that it is time enough to know of the existence of such mysteries and the attempts at their unveiling by
men of science.

My quotations are strictly accurate. Those desiring general and specific information on the subjects involved
should consult my “Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science” in which, under alphabetical headings, they will find
summaries of all the experimental findings of Psychical Research and its history.

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