Torongoi and Edji

Torongoi and Edji In Siberian mythology, the first man and woman. Both Torongoi and Edji were created with fur on their bodies to keep them warm. They were told they could eat fruit from branches that pointed toward the sunrise but were not allowed to eat from branches that pointed to the sunset. To help the couple, God set a dog and a snake to bite the devil if he came. When God returned to heaven, the devil came, crept into the skin of the sleeping serpent, and tempted the woman with the forbidden fruit. She persuaded her husband to eat it too. They both became so frightened afterward that the fur fell off their bodies. When God came down from heaven, Torongoi and Edji hid. God asked them what happened. Torongoi said Edji made him eat the fruit; Edji said the snake made her eat the fruit; the snake said the devil was inside him; and the dog said he had seen nothing.


Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, Third Edition – Written by Anthony S. Mercatante & James R. Dow– Copyright © 2009 by Anthony S. Mercatante