Transataumancy is divination by interpreting something accidentally or unexpectedly seen or heard.

Modern forms

Way back in ancient Roman times, trifling mistakes were accepted as omens. Today, a lot of people are apt to attribute their good fortune to chance occurrence or coincidence.
There are many superstitions that are associated with omens.
A cangle falling, bad luck to fear
Cross form by two knives, bad omen
Cross formed by two forks, slander about you
Cross formed by a spoon and a fork, pleasure followed by sorrow
Cross formed by two matches, pleasure soon
Horseshoe found on the ground, luck-bringer to keep
Your shoe-lace coming untied, interesting news
Split ink, trouble in current affairs
Rain on Saint Swithin's day, forty days' rain to come

Spontaneous Divinations
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Spontaneous Divinations