The True Trinity of Time

Time has commonly been perceived as cycling in Aeons. Many see these as astrologically represented: Age of Pisces, Age of Aquarius, etc. There are many ways to look at it, all personal to the viewer.

This is but one of many views. Note, the dates are very rough, no exact date can be put on a slow process. 7000bc – 1000bc Pre-Judaic 1000bc – 2000ce Judaic 2000ce – ? Post-Judaic.

Why do I revolve it around Judaism?

I do so because in our time, that has been the most prevalent religion, dominating the world. That time is now done. More and more people are breaking away from the constraints of the Judaic pantheon of religions and belief systems.

Free-will is the ruler of this new age! People are looking into themselves now and learning who they are. Experimentation is more apparent and alternative lifestyles are more well-known, becoming less 'alternative'.

Let's take a look at the three periods I labeled.

Pre-Judaic The organization of life, the beginnings of culture. Various peoples begin forming communities and religion begins. Tools are discovered, cultures developed.

Judaic Borne from Semitism, Judaism dominates the planet. Its offspring, Christianity, begins assimilating various cultures and forcing people to change and conform to its doctrines and laws. Civilizations begin and man develops still, even under this growingly vicious tyrannical hand. Many versions of it are developed, some more vicious than others

Post-Judaic People begin moving away from Christianity and fighting back. Man is developing immensely and the power of the Judaic hand is waning. Self-discovery and exploration rule this, as free-will is becoming more and more common.

All of these show an evolution that began in the mind when the physical changes slowed and entered a subtle process. In the past 9 millennia since the first communities were forming, we have gone from developing tools to developing our minds… from sharpening the pick-ax to sharpening the wit!

The True Trinity of Time – By Rev. Maskim Xul



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