West Middlebury Cemetery

WEST MIDDLEBURY CEMETERY 4949 WEST MIDDLEBURY ROAD WEST MIDDLEBURY, NEW YORK The West Middlebury Cemetery is one of Wyoming County’s oldest and most spiritually active cemeteries. This cemetery, with just 100 plots and numerous unmarked graves, can be dated to the late 1700s—the very beginning of settlement in the area. The site has very little use now. Mid-Atlantic 65 WNY Paranormal discovered during our investigations that there is a caretaker spirit in this cemetery known as Mary Chaddock. It was initially the team sensitive who discovered Mary by being drawn to a large pillar stone at the back of the cemetery. At this stone, we captured an incredible EVP, had a team member physically stopped in their tracks by an unseen force, and captured a moving partial apparition on video. The name on the stone was “Mary,” and our sensitive confirmed that was the name of the spirit before reading the stone. Our research team then conducted some extensive research into Mary through local historical records and files from the gravesite. We initially had trouble finding a connection, but the information Mary imparted to our psychic did finally corroborate with the person named on the tombstone. It wasn’t until we considered that maybe the name Mary was actually a nickname or short for another name that we made the breakthrough. Upon further research, we discovered that in that time period, it wasn’t uncommon for a woman with the name Margaret to take the name Mary. Historical research uncovered that her name was actually Margaret Mary Chaddock—with that discovery, all the historical pieces fell into place. Our team sensitive then used dowsing rods beginning at the large stone pillar to have the spirit lead her to the gravesite. After a half hour of following the directions of the rods, we found Mary’s site next to her husband. Mary continues to stay by the large pillar stone at the back of the cemetery. She likes to communicate through EVP, physical sensations, and can often be seen at night roaming among the trees and tombstones, watching both the living and dead. On many occasions, our sensitives have experienced the imprint of a murder that occurred, shadow figures walking the rows, and they have heard gunshots and screams while gathering some fantastic evidence including strong EVP, mist photographs, and a moving apparition on film. WNY Paranormal believes the high paranormal activity at this site is due to the flow of an underground saltwater source and the kinetic energy generated by a nearby railway. The activity increases dramatically each time a train passes by the site, especially during the latter parts of the evening. —Dwayne Claud Investigator, WNY Paranormal Pennsylvania

Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger