Windham Restaurant

The sign over the door of the Windham Restaurant says “Food & Spirits,” and that may be truer than you think! The restaurant is located in an old house built around 1812 by the Dinsmore family. Issac and then Horace Dinsmore occupied the house for many years, but who “haunts” it now?

Three restaurants have occupied the house, and each has experienced some “unusual” events. First it was a Thai restaurant, then a French restaurant, and then finally the Windham Restaurant. While it was the French restaurant, the “spirits” singled out the blond waitresses.

These women would have their hair played with by some unknown entity. It would also unclasp their jewelry—I was a witness to one such event. While conducting an investigation there, one of the waitresses experienced a cold chill and then for no apparent reason, her necklace fell off her neck in front of me. She became hysterical and began to cry. This was not the first time it had happened, and she was getting tired of it; however, this was not the only game the unseen force liked to play.

Sometimes when the staff came in early in the morning, they would find the chairs moved and the knives and forks crossed on the tables. There were also a bunch of empty boxes wrapped like Christmas gifts on the third floor that were often moved. One time the boxes were stacked like towers and another time they were stacked wall-to-wall in mid-air across the stairs.

These unusual events continued when it became the Windham Restaurant. In addition to the chairs and place settings being moved, glasses would sometimes fly across the bar and dishes would shatter in the kitchen. Windows would open, lights would be turned on and off, and batteries in the deodorizers would drain at an unusual rate. This is all interesting, but has anybody ever seen the “ghost”?

The answer is an astounding yes! In addition to the staff, several customers have reported seeing the spirits—a little boy has been seen at the second floor wait station, a little girl has been seen wandering around the restaurant, and “Jacob,” a man in a blue suit, has been seen several times. In fact, Lula, one of the current owners, saw a man in a blue suit fall down the stairs, but when she ran to help him, he had disappeared. Is the Windham Restaurant haunted? Let’s just say there is more truth in the “Food & Spirits” sign than meets the eye.

Written by — Ron Kolek Lead Investigator, The New England Ghost Project

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Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger