Yama Dharmaraja

Yama Dharmaraja

King of the Law; Protector of the Law


Yama Dharmapala

Yama was incorporated into the Buddhist pantheon after Manjushri (in the guise of Yamantaka) allegedly brought him under control. He evolved into a major Tibetan Buddhist deity. As Yama Dharmaraja, he is lord of wealth and protector of Buddhism as well as king of Hell. He destroys delusion. Yama Dharmaraja judges souls in the Tibetan Buddhist afterlife. He protects Buddhist practitioners and monasteries from destruction. Fierce Yama Dharmaraja is a favourite subject of meditational Thangka paintings.


Yama Dharmaraja manifests with the head of a water buffalo.

Consort: Chamundi


Bull or water buffalo bull


Eight Dharma Protectors; Manjushri; Yama; Yamantaka


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