According to ancient Japanese myths, a large sea serpent that demanded a maiden to be sacrificed to it every year on June 13. YofuneNushi ruled the seas near Oki Island, storming and harassing the fishing fleet. If it did not receive its sacrifice, it would rage, and storms would destroy the fishing fleet.

One year a young girl named Tokoyo volunteered to be sacrificed. She stood on the rocks, waiting for the monster to emerge from its cave below. YofuneNushi licked its lips and opened its mouth to eat her.

But instead of passively submitting, the girl pulled out a long knife when the sea serpent approached and slashed out its eyes. Stunned, the monster froze, and Tokoyo finished it off with her knife.


Japanese Mythology A-Z – Second Edition – Written by Jeremy Roberts – Copyright © 2010 by Jim DeFelice – Publisher : Chelsea House Publishers