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Yconaababur: A demon whose name appears in the Driscoll edition of the Sworn Book. Yconaababur is said to serve the infernal king Jamaz, the ruler of the element of fire. He is also connected with the direction south. As a demon of fire, Yconaababur has a nature that is both hot and hasty.

He is also described as being energetic, generous, and strong. He will manifest if enticed with the proper perfumes, and when he appears he has a complexion like fire. He is said to have power over decay, either staving it off entirely or reversing its effects. He can also provide familiar spirits that appear in the likeness of soldiers.

Additionally, he is said to be able to raise an army of one thousand soldiers. Translator Driscoll suggests that he has the power to call these up from the dead. Finally, Yconaababur is also reputed to be able to cause death at will.

Source : The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


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