Lady of the Builder’s Measure; The Great One; Lady of the House of Books

Also known as: Seshat; Sesheta

Origin: Egypt

Seshet, Queen of Construction and Goddess of Writing, competes with Ptah for title of founder of architecture. Seshet supervises the construction of residences in the afterlife. She also works closely in conjunction with Thoth, her brother, lover, and husband. He invented writing, but Seshet invented letters. She records the names of dead souls, which Thoth declares before Osiris. Seshet is the spirit of literature and libraries.

Favored people: Architects, archivists, librarians, authors, linguists

Manifestation: Seshet wears a tight-fitting, spotted leopard-skin garment.

Emblem: A seven-rayed star or seven-petaled flower beneath a pair of inverted horns

Attribute: Writing reeds, scribe’s palette

Number: 7

See also:

  • Ptah
  • Thoth

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