8 de Octubre Tunnel´s Beggar

8 de Octubre Tunnel´s Beggar

In Montevideo, there is an old tunnel used to connect 8 de Octubre Avenue and 18 de Julio Avenue. It is said that after the tunnel was built, there was a drunk beggar who was looking down into the tunnel and fell. Stunned after the accident, he walked towards the tunnel entrance, and unfortunately he was hit by a bus and lost his life.

Nowadays, the spirit of the unlucky beggar has been haunting bus drivers who can sometimes see the shadow of the man, but it vanishes before being hit again. Supposedly, some people say that it is better to take another path and avoid walking through this place alone, especially at night, as it is feared you may find yourself face to face with the beggar´s ghost, who could guide you to commit the same mistake he made many years ago…

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