The Abyss

To start off with, here is a comparison..

Da'ath: the abyssous sephira, knowledge (QBLH)

Nammu: the sea that birthed everything (Sumerian)

The Da'ath is the invisible Sephira, the abyss on the Tree of Life.

Now, you must ask yourself, what is the abyss? Well, lets look at this from the beginning. You have five elements: energy, earth, air, fire, and water.

Everything is either made up of these. Living creatures are most commonly, though not all the time, made up of water, earth, air, and energy; though one could debate that they are made up of all of these, in some form or another.

Well, what would the abyss be then? Some see it as a literal part of the ocean, which would make it water. Some say it's a fiery pit, making it earth and fire.

Finally, some believe it to be a “hell”, making it pure energy. For this, we'll go with the “Hell” theory. So, if the abyss is pure energy, that would put it as one with anything else with energy, i.e.. everything.

The Sumerians saw the abyss as the Nammu aka Ama-Tu-An-Ki (“mother who gave birth to heaven and earth”).

Nammu is the primeval source for all things. According to evolution, everything evolved from oceanic life. Now, somehow the Sumerians knew this…it's too much to hope that the concept of sea being the primeval source is a coincidence. Everything came from this abyss, it is the birthplace, the source of all things.

Have you ever wondered just why our emotions are referenced by the heart? Its an organ that pumps our lifeblood and is essential to our existence…but what made it correspond with emotion?

Well, emotion is impossible without thought, though thought is possible without emotion. What is though? Well, it's link to wisdom is very strong. Wisdom? “Sea of wisdom”?

On the Sephiroth, the Da'ath correlates to the heart, when compared physically (Malkuth- feet, Yesod- groin, Tipharethsolar plexus, Kether- head). So, this Da'ath, the heart, the abyss, it all connects.

From that, it would make sense to see the heart, the organ that pumps our lifeblood, as the link in our soul to it's source.. to our maker. And since this abyss is the primeval source.. why claim any other maker than the obvious?

This is the product of the “sea” [and this all goes without mentioning that water comprises an immense percentage of our body's makeup], the Da'ath, the Living Continuum. It is received through our heart, Da'ath, the producer of our very lifeblood “when you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you..” -Friedrich Nietzsche Yes, Nietzche, the abyss does gaze back into you.. for when you look into yourself, that is who you see.

The Abyss – By Rev. Maskim Xul

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