Adamu Red


Chaldea The similarity of Adamu’s name to the biblical Adam is no accident: their names are etymologically the same. As Adam is the primal father, so Adamu is the female principle, source of life, the female womb, which is the metaphoric “red earth” from which new life is formed. Adamu is a primordial spirit of fertility, an ancient blood goddess who oversees menstruation and childbirth.
Petition her to regulate menstrual cycles, to stimulate desired menstruation, for fertility, and to delay menopause as needed.


Red Offering: Pour libations of menstrual blood onto Earth or bury afterbirth as thanks.

From the Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses – Written by Judika Illes


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