Adjulé : Dog-like animal of North Africa.


Tamahaq (Berber) name.

Variant names:

Kelb-el-khela (“bushdog,” in Mauritania), Tarhsît (for the female).

Physical description:

Like a wolf.


Sahara Desert.

Possible explanation:

An African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) outside its usual range. These dogs stand up to 2 feet 7 inches at the shoulder and are normally found in protected sub-Saharan savanna areas. Earlier in the twentieth century, there may have been enough gazelles in sub desert areas for scattered packs to subsist.


  • Théodore Monod, “Sur la présence du Sahara du Lycaon pictus (Temm.) (Résultats scientifiques de la Mission Saharienne Augiéras-Draper),” Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France 53 (1928): 262–264



Mysterious Creatures – A Guide to Cryptozoology written by George M. Eberhart – Copyright © 2002 by George M. Eberhart

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