ADRASTUS In Greek mythology, king of ARGOS; the leader of the warriors known as the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES according to the tragedy written by the Greek poet AESCHYLUS. The attack on THEBES by rebels who supported Polynices in his attempt to force his brother, Eteocles, off the throne of Thebes was a disaster. Of the seven champions, only Adrastus lived, escaping on his winged horse, ARION. Later, Adrastus made another attempt to gain Thebes, when the children of the Seven, called the EPIGONI, were old enough to become warriors. This time the battle was a success, but it was a sad victory for Adrastus because his only son, Aegialeus, was killed in the conflict.

Taken from : Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z, Revised Edition – Written by Kathleen N. Daly and Revised by Marian Rengel – Copyright © 2004, 1992 by Kathleen N. Daly

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