Agwé La Flambeau

Agwé La Flambeau

This is a fiery path of water spirit, Agwé, literally “Agwé the Torch” or “Flaming Agwé.” Lord Agwé is a military commander; Agwé La Flambeau’s military ships are equipped with cannons. Alternatively, visualize underwater volcanoes spewing fire.

Lord Agwé is petitioned for literal safe passage, including ocean voyages. Agwé La Flambeau is also invoked when what you need is metaphoric safe passage. Ask him to guide you safely through Life’s stormy waters. The 8 of Swords or 6 of Swords in a tarot deck may be used to represent him. (Use a deck in which the Minor Arcana are illustrated.)


Agwé La Flambo (Kreyol)


You are on a wooden boat sailing through rough seas. Other boats nearby are on fire. You can feel the heat and sparks.

Lord Agwé La Flambeau guides you to safety.

Visualize yourself reaching your destiny safe and sound.


Create an offering boat just as you would for any path of Lord Agwé, but set this one on fire like a Viking funeral ship. In addition to his standard offerings, offer Agwé La Flambeau the natural products of volcanoes: obsidian glass, pumice stones, pieces of lava. Food offerings, likewise, are similar in nature to that of his conventional path, but perhaps a little spicier. Also offer flambéed dishes: set a match to alcoholic offerings. (Be careful! Pay attention to fire safety.)



Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses – Written by Judika Illes


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