In the mythology of the Khoikhoi people of South Africa (formerly called the Hottentot people), the Aigamuxa were maneating monsters that looked like large, thin,long-armed apes with long fangs.

The Aigamuxa could sometimes be found hiding behind sand dunes, ready to catch and devour any unwary humans. Fortunately for those humans, the Aigamuxa were hampered by the fact that their eyes were positioned on the insteps of their feet, causing them to run blind.

If the Aigamuxa wanted to see where they were going or what was happening around them, they had to get down on their hands and knees or lie down. This gave their prey time to escape, which is presumably why the Aigamuxa were always portrayed as hungry creatures.

From : Storytelling – An Encyclopedia of Mythology and Folklore. Edited by : Josepha Sherman

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