Alien Implants

Many alien abduction stories include descriptions of medical examinations during which the aliens insert a small device somewhere just beneath the abductee’s skin, up the nose, or even deep within the body. These implants, some ufologists believe, are tracking devices that enable the aliens to recapture a person if necessary, and indeed, abductees who report having implants are more likely to also report having been abducted multiple times. However, when physicians examine these abductees, no such implants are found, and in the few cases where an abductee has presented an “implant” to researchers, it has proven to be something else.

For example, in 1989 abductee Richard Price gave his “implant” to David Pritchard, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), claiming it had worked its way loose from his skin. Pritchard then determined that it was made of biological material from Earth and had it examined by an MIT expert in skin diseases, dermatopathologist Thomas Flotte, who discovered that the so-called implant was a mass of hardened skin tissue surrounding a few cotton fibres. Flotte theorized that a bit of fabric from Price’s underwear had become embedded in the man’s skin, which responded by forming a sort of callus around it. When presented with such explanations, abductees often react as Price did, arguing that the aliens had obviously disguised their implant as cotton fibres in order to keep humans from finding proof of their existence.


  • physical evidence of alien contact


The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Paranormal Phenomena – written by Patricia D. Netzley © 2006 Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

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