River spirit

Alpheios, son of Oceanus and Tethys, is Lord of the Alpheios River, the longest river in the Peloponnese. The Alpheios comes second in Hesiod’s catalog of great rivers, just after the Nile. As befitting the spirit of such an impressive river, Alpheios was once an important, significant deity. He received sacrifices of bulls, and his image was carved on the west pediment of the temple of Zeus at Olympia. Alpheios was renowned as an amorous, virile, sexually aggressive spirit, pursuing Artemis and other spirits, in particular the Nymph Arethusa.

Petition him for virility, male fertility, and lots of children. He may also be petitioned for assistance with protecting and feeding those children.

See Also:

Arethusa; Artemis; Zeus


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