The Altar

In this text, you will find the basics of setting up a proper altar and what the specific items on the altar represent. You can also customize your altar to specify your particular deity's) or philosophy, as well as adding a personal touch. Find things which represent you and incorporate them to your altar as well. Candles-Candles are used to represent the element of fire, and if the proper colors are used, can also represent the four elements of nature as a whole:

• • • •

White – Air/Purity Red – Fire/Carnal Emotion Black – Earth/Solidness Blue – Water/Inner God

Incense-This one is up to you or your tradition. Some use scents for specific needs or rituals. Incense represent the element of air. The Altar Bell-The bell is used to show power at the end of a quote. It is used to generate the Magickal Atmosphere Dagger or Wand-The wand is used when ever the dagger cannot be, such as in public rituals. Both are used to cast your energies out to a specific point and to dispel forceful or angered spirits.

Salt-Salt is used only to represent the element of earth. Water-This ones self explanatory of what it represents The Chalice-Filled with wine or another pleasing beverage (Non-Carbonated) is used as a sacrament. Sigil or Symbol-Specific symbols are used in certain rituals to represent the goals of the ritual taking place. Your main sigil above your altar should represent you, your religion or philosophy, and should be something you identify with (Pentagram, Hexagram, Quadragram etc..) Sulfur-The sent which when burnt is pleasing to most spirits and deities, and should be sprinkled on top of ritual offerings Bowl-Used to place offerings, divination and to burn sulfur. 

The Altar By Rev. Frederick Nagash