Micronesia (Caroline Islands)

Aluluei is Lord of Knowledge and Navigation. He taught his people how to make outrigger canoes, which traditionally carry a wooden image of Aluluei. One day, a large canoe in the water caught the eye of Aluluei’s daughter. She waded out to get a better look. Inside were three deities:

• Segul, Lord of Sea Captains

• Valur, Lord of Fish

• Werieng, Lord of Birds

Welcoming her aboard, they gave her a navigational chart, marking all birds, fish, and islands. She brought this to her father who, whilea great navigator, lacked this information. Rather than hoarding, he shared it with people, teaching them sea lore.

Aluluei possesses all knowledge of the sea and sailing. Invoke him when you need him to share or reveal some information.


Aluluei has two faces: one facing forward to see where he’s going and one facing backward, watchful of danger approaching from behind. His upper body is that of a man, but his lower body is that of a stingray.


Red, black, white

Animal: Stingray


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