Amenadiel - Aerial Spirit of Solomon
The Seal of Amenadiel

From the : “Theurgia Goetia – The Second Book of the Lemegeton.”

Amenadiel is the great Emperor of the West who hath 300 great Dukes and 500 lesser Dukes besides 40,000,030,000,100,000 other ministering Spirits more inferior to Attend him, whereof we shall not make any mention but only 12 of the Chief Dukes and their seals which is sufficient for practice.

Note: Amenadiel may be called any time the day or night, but his Dukes who hath 3000 servants a piece to attend them are to be called in certain hours, as Vadras he may be called in the 2 first hours of the day, and so successively till you come to Nadroc who is to be called in the 2 last hours of the night, and then begins again (with) Vadras andc. The same rule is to be observed calling the Dukes belonging to Demoriel the Emperor of the North.

The Conjuration of Amenadiel :