Amphiaraus (Amphiorax) (doubly cursed) In Greek mythology, a hero, son of Oicleus and Hypermnestra; married Eriphyle; father of Alcmeon, Amphilocus, Demonassa, and Eurydice; great-grandson of the seer Melampus. Homer says Amphiaraus was a favourite of Zeus and Apollo and was both a hero and a seer, taking part in the Calydonian boar hunt, the voyage of the Argonauts, and the expedition of the Seven against Thebes. Amphiaraus fought with Adrastus, but the quarrel was settled when he married Adrastus’s sister Eriphyle. He agreed that any future difference between Adrastus and himself would be settled by Eriphyle. But Eriphyle, bribed by Polynices with the fatal necklace of Polynices’ ancestress Harmonia, insisted that her husband, Amphiaraus, join in the war against Thebes. Amphiaraus knew that he would die, and he told his youthful sons Alcmeon and Amphilocus to avenge his coming death. He warned the other chiefs of the coming disaster but was forced into a final battle with Tydeus. In the fight, just as Amphiaraus was about to die, Zeus opened the earth with his thunderbolt and swallowed up Amphiaraus and Baton, his charioteer. Amphiaraus was worshipped at Oropus on the frontier of Attica and Boeotis, where he had a temple and an oracle for the interpretation of dreams. Games were also celebrated in his honor.


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