Anat-Yaho is a path of Anat as the consort of Yaho, among the public names of the Jewish Supreme Creator. (YHWH is related, but not the same name. Yaho is not the ineffable name.) They shared temples in Egypt, particularly in Elephantine Island where there was a large Jewish military outpost in the fifth century BCE.

Anat-Yaho may be identical to Anat-Bethel, or they may be understood as distinct paths of Anat. (See the Glossary entry for Path.) Although in the context of modern, conventional Judaism, many may consider talk of Anat as God’s consort controversial or subversive, it is worth noting that the Jewish temple in Egypt, in which they were openly and very publicly venerated together, paid dues to the main Temple in Jerusalem—and those dues were accepted! (Ancient records survive.)

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