Ancient Astronaut and SETI Society (AAS)

Ancient Astronaut and SETI Society (AAS) Originally known as the Ancient Astronaut Society (founded in 1973 by Dr. Gene Phillips), the AAS is the principal organization that supports the ancient astronaut theory of Erich von Däniken, et al. The AAS organizes conferences, seminars, and field trips, some of which are guided by von Däniken himself.
Their main areas of interest are quoted as follows:
• The origins of life on Earth
• The origins of intelligence on Earth
• The origins of religions
• The original core of global mythologies
• The description of gods in ancient texts
• The depiction of :judgments of the gods” in prehistoric times
• The legendary ancient kings and ancestors in old Sumerian texts and sacred scriptures
• The vanishing of religious and mythological beings “into the heavens”
• The issue of God and the Devil, the ancient symbols of good and evil
• The promises of a “return” in all religions and the fear mankind has of this event
• The time-shift mentioned in a number of ancient texts
• The construction and motivation of structures from prehistoric times for which there is as yet no explanation
• The earliest offerings for the appeasement of the gods
• The origins of ancient religious symbols and cults
• The origins of related rock carvings around the globe
• The origins of similar figurines of gods
• The origins of worldwide giant ground drawings and hill figures which are designed in such a way that they can only be seen from the air

Membership is the AAS is open to all.

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