The Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast

Owned and operated by Diane and Bob Karpulk, the Angel Rose Bed & Breakfast is located in downtown Pottsville near Garfield Square. The inn’s name stems from the owner’s interest in angels. The bed and breakfast offers its guests a sense of being transported back to the Victorian era. “The house feels like it’s 100 years back in time. Guests are reluctant to leave for that reason,” Diane Karpulk said.

The home is beautifully decorated— decorative curtains and rugs adorn the building, and each bedroom where guests stay is also beautifully appointed, including the room called Victorian Orchard, which contains antiques from the late 1800s. But the Angel Rose B & B also has another history, a ghostly one.

The first signs that showed the Karpulks that they might not be alone in their spectacular retreat began shortly after they had moved in. They said the presence wasn’t a worthy cause for concern. They describe it as an energy that seems to inhabit the home. The first supernatural incident happened when Bob was in the basement and he smelled a perfume aroma. He described it as a Victorian lady’s perfume—something unlike any that his wife, Diane, wears. Bob also stated that it was a very heavy aroma. During another incident in the basement, he picked up the pungent aroma of body odor.

Bob and Diane are two sensible adults and were not swayed by just two inexplicable instances, but other unexplained things kept on happening as they began to settle in. Major appliances would suddenly turn on without any reason, even after electricians were called and could find nothing wrong with any of them. Other electrical occurrences continued to manifest. Diane said, “We felt we were being checked out. It was as if someone is here and continues to test us.” As all of the electrical appliances seemed to have a mind of their own, Bob and Diane pulled the plug—literally—on the appliances they rarely used to ensure they would not switch on unexpectedly. Bob does not rule out the possibility of previous owners’ restless spirits still watching over their home.

Once, Bob found a cassette tape in the downstairs area, so he put it in the tape player and he began to hear church music playing. He flipped the cassette over and the “Notre Dame Fight Song” started to play. Bob stated that the previous owners were Italian-Americans, and they didn’t like hearing the “Notre Dame Fight Song” and probably acted up when the song played. Family members of Bob and Diane and even guests still sense signals that the Angel Rose is indeed occupied by something that none of them can explain.

Written by — Tom Brobst Co-Founder, Eastern Pennsylvania Ghost Researchers

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