Angels Traditions, Stories, and Miracles – Isabella Anderson

Angels Traditions, Stories, and Miracles - Isabella AndersonA Heavenly Treasury of Angelic Lore!

Every culture cherishes a winged spirit–from the ancient Egyptian ka and Norse Valkyries to Hindu apsaras and the archangels of the Bible. Featuring biblical tales, poetry, and lovely illustrations, this collection reveals the divine powers of angels, the history behind their existence, and the many ways you can include them in your life.

For centuries, angels have served as messengers, warriors, and guardians who have a special bond with humans. Angels can help you release worry and guilt, heal physically and emotionally, and manifest your dreams. All you need to do is open yourself up to receive divine messages and insight. You’ll discover the magic of signs, synchronicities, and coincidences and learn how to interpret their meaning as messages from angels.

From the frightening cherubim guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden with their flaming swords to the ethereal angels of the Renaissance, this collection is sure to captivate anyone interested in exploring the varied history, culture, and ideas of mysterious celestial beings.

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Angels Traditions, Stories, and Miracles - Isabella Anderson

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