Apkarian-Russell, Pamela

Apkarian-Russell, Pam ela—American Halloween collector and vintage COLLECTIBLES expert known as “the Halloween Queen.” Apkarian-Russell has, more than any other individual, been responsible for creating an interest in collecting Halloween memorabilia and establishing it as a recognized hobby. In 1984 she began publishing The Trick or Treat Trader, devoted to both collecting vintage Halloween memorabilia and the holiday in general; what began as a joke among a halfdozen or so collectors is now the standard journal in the field and still publishing. Apkarian-Russell is the author of four books on Halloween collecting, and with a personal collection of over 35,000 items she probably holds the world’s largest collection. In 2005 she opened the CASTLE HALLOWEEN MUSEUM, emphasizing all aspects of the holiday (“except blood and gore”), and including a research library. She is also a career deltiologist (expert in POSTCARDS), and runs an antiques business called “Chris Russell and the Halloween Queen.”


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