Apocatequil (Chief of the Followers of the Moon) To the Huamachuco Indians in Peru, the god of night, also referred to as the Prince of Evil. (This name may be more from the connection to night than from being bad.) Apocatequil’s twin is the god of day, Piguerao (White Bird). According to Huamachuco myth, Apocatequil and Piguerao were born among the underground people, the Guachimines. Their mother was a Guachimine and their father was Guamansuri, the first man sent to Earth by the creator god Atagudu.

The Guachimines killed both parents before the twins were born, but when Apocatequil touched his mother’s dead body, she came back to life. Then Atagudu helped Apocatequil kill the Guachimines and told him to use a golden spade to dig a hole to the above ground. This hole enabled the Huamachuco to escape and populate the land. Apocatequil was also considered the god of lightning and thunder, which he made by throwing stones with his sling. The small round stones became thunderbolts and were thought to be Apocatequil’s children. Villagers collected them to ensure fertile soil for growing crops. The stones were also considered charms for success in love.

Taken from : South and Meso-American Mythology A to Z – by Ann Bingham (Author) and Jeremy Roberts (Author)