Origins of Arithmancy

Arithmancy is an ancient form of divination that relies on mathematics. Unlike other forms of divination that rely on the subjective interpretation of images or dreams, Arithmancy relies on a much more precise and measurable method, thus making it a more dependable form of divination according to many.

The word “Arithmancy”, comes from the Greek arithmos, meaning number, and manteia, meaning divination. The most common form of Arithmancy, is numerology. Numerology has been used by many ancient civilizations to help them determine the most opportune date for an event, or to predict the outcome of something. It is also used to analyze one's strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles and even predict the future.

How Arithmancy works

Arithmancy is a mathematical method in which you reduce dates or words using numbers. The resulting number has a specific meaning, and the types of numbers reduced, or the names/words, can also have their own meaning. This lesson, we will focus on the reduction of dates, whilst next month we will focus on names and such.

The most popular date to reduce is one's birthdate. Taking your full birthdate (day + month + year), you add each of the numbers and reduce it to one. Reducing a number means adding the numbers together until one obtains a single digit from 1-9. For example, Harry Potter was born on July 31st 1980. If we were to take his birthdate, we would obtain:

31 + 7 + 1980

= 3 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0

= 29

= 2 + 9

= 11

= 1 + 1

= 2

We can thus see that Harry, as well as anyone born on this date, has a birthday, also called a vibrational number or destiny number, of 2. Your vibrational number represents some of your most fundamental qualities and attributes. With regards to birthdates, each number is often associated with both an astronomical body as well as a meaning. Furthermore, it is often recommended to schedule important dates such as weddings, social gatherings, starting a new enterprise, for a day which matches your vibrational number. This is said to ensure success and happiness in any endeavors.