The Demon Aseliel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial spirits of Solomon.

The Fourth Spirit in order, he governs as King under Carnesiell, in the South and by East he has 10 chief spirits belonging to the day, and 20 to the night, under whom are 30 principal spirits, and under those as many, whereof we shall make mention of only 8 of the chief presidents belonging to the day, and as many belonging to the night. Every one has 20 servants at his command, they are all very courteous and loving, and beautiful to behold.

8 of his Servants belonging to the day: Mariel, Charas, Parniel, Aratiel, Cubiel, Aniel, Asahel, Arean.

8 of his Servants belonging to the Night: Asphiel, Curiel, Chamos, Odiel, Melas, Sariel, Othiel, Bofar.

Conjuration of Aseliel :

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