From the folklore of the Dahomey people of Africa comes the asiman, a living VAMPIRIC WITCH. She gained her evil powers originally by casting a specific magical spell and is now forever changed; she can remove her skin and transform herself into a CORPSE CANDLE, a form that gives the ability to fly through the sky (see LIVING VAMPIRE). From the air she hunts for suitable prey, and after feeding, she is able to shape-shift into an animal. Only when it is in its animal form can the asiman be destroyed (see AFRICAN VAMPIRE WITCH).
Vampires that are similar to the asiman are the ASEMA, AZÉMAN, LOOGAROO, OBAYIFO and the SOUCAYANT.
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Taken from the Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology Written by : Theresa Bane ©2010 Theresa Bane. All rights reserved

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