In Tuareg mythology, Aziza are protective spirits or genies that are believed to inhabit natural features such as rocks, trees, and mountains. The term “Aziza” is derived from the Tifinagh word for “beloved,” and these spirits are considered to be benevolent beings who offer protection, guidance, and healing to those who show them respect.

Aziza are often associated with specific locations or natural features, and are believed to be the guardians of these places. They are also associated with certain colors and symbols, and are often depicted in Tuareg art wearing brightly colored clothing and jewelry.

According to Tuareg tradition, Aziza can communicate with humans through dreams and visions, and can offer guidance and advice on matters such as health, wealth, and love. They are also believed to have the power to heal illnesses and protect against harm.

Overall, Aziza are an important part of Tuareg mythology and culture, and reflect the deep connection that the Tuareg people have with the natural world. They embody the Tuareg belief in the spiritual power and importance of the environment, and offer a source of comfort and protection to those who seek their aid.

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