The Basic Theories of Magick

In magick there are basic principles which must be followed in order to achieve your desired results properly. Magick has five main components in which the Magus must incorperate into his workings. The components are as follows: Will – The WILL is the very lifeforce in which all life is governed under. The “WILL TO LIVE” being the prime example of this Magickal theory! WILL is not simply a want or need, it is a driving force within all mankind, it is definatly and infinate in all it's possiblities!

CONCENTRATION – You need to be able to focus your will wholelly on the goal in which you are attempting to achieve, to do so you need “Concentration”. In Ceremonial Magick you cast your will and “Energies” towards the appointed spirits sigil useing concentration.

IMAGERY – You need to know the sigil's and or signs in which to use in magick.

Imagry is very important to the magus because it represents the sum total of his/her belief system. The Baphomet is a powerful sigil in which is used in Satanic Magick, the pentagram, sigil's from various sources etc…In all cases you need the proper images in order to work magick!

IMAGINATION (and or sight without sight) – This simple ability goes without saying is one of the most important factors in magick. In ceremonial Magick you need to envision the magickal circle as being an all encompassing ring of fire or lit ablaze with colored lights of all hues. Also you must be able to envision the Pentagram you draw out with your hand as to protect yourself from angered spirits.

ENERGY – Energy is THE MOST important factor in magickal practice!

Without the energy to go forth into the ritual your magick will surly fail. There are many types of energies you will deal with and encounter in magick, some malevolent some benevolent. To add greater understanding to the new magus I will call these energies active and passive. Active energies are what you use to cast forth the actual rite in progress towards your intended goal. Passive energies are usually energies given as “offerings” to various godforms (ae. Blood, talisman etc…).

In any case all energies during ritual are present and used! Now that the prime components of magick have been discussed, I will further move into the link in which they all share. First you must recognize the reason for performing the ritual and be able to tell if the rite will be done whole heartedly, this is the WILL.

Next you will concentrate your will and active energies towards the imagry to accomplish your WILL. Next you take your passive energies and offer it to the godforms before the imagry in return for you and the spirits union towards working your WILL. All things in magick flow into one another from a basic starting point to a complex end.

The very components of magick for the beginner are the same components used by even the highest magus, however the high magus recognizes and has mastered their application. What I want each and every one of you to do is to write a short thesis on exactly what the term “Whole hearted” means and how it effects the WILL. Once your thesis is complete send it to from that e-mail address we will look it over and NOT grade it, but tell you prime aspects of what you need to correct.

The Basic Theories of Magick – With Rev. Frederick Nagash



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