The Basics of Torelian Magick

Torelian Magick encompasses the basic laws of astral travel, yet applies them differntly. Torelian Magick utilizes the 3 main human elements- Mind, Body, and Sirit as one microcosm. Also “Torelians” use the 4 basic elements of Alchemy-Earth, Air, Fire, and water as well as the added Universe or Macrocosm. Torelia has 6 planes of travel broken into 2 sections of study, the Outer plane and the Inner plane. The Outer plane is an initiate period to this realm and into the higher state of being, where as the Inner plane is “Torelian High Magick” and encompasses that past the physical realm. The three Outter planes are:

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The Plane of Hymn or Praise The Plane of the Inner Gods Reserrection The Plane of Minor Zorabia 2-4-5-7-8 The Three Inner planes are: The Plane of Spirits (Necromancy) The Plane of Dreams The Plane of Major Zorabia 1-3-6-9

Outter Torelia, while being lesser magick is very difficult, The Plane of Hymn or Praise can only be crossed once you can obtain spiritual connection between the selves and the God form. By giving praise to the god form, you are in return giving praise to yourself. The Plane of the Inner Gods Ressurection, can only be crossed once Gnosis can be controlled and used at any given point for the effect of superiority over all other living things, both spiritual and physical. The Plane of Minor Zorabia (Zorabia meaning Demons)involves the construction and conjuration of lesser Demons or beings for a variety of esoteric matters. The Lesser being conjured may also be one which you have researched and know everything about such as Baal, or Phul etc… The Three Inner Planes of Torelia can only be seen and crossed once the outer planes have been crossed. The Plane of Spirits involves some extreme Necromantic rites to summon the spirits of the dead to physical form for various Occult reasons. The Plane of Dreams is a plane unlike any other, most people have been to the plane of dreams but how many can say they can control and completely discipher the dreams true meaning? Lastly the Plane of Major Zorabia, or the conjuration of greater spirits, involves ceremonial offerings, extremely long ceremonies, and a very hightened state of gnosis. Greater Gods or Devils are called on when no other will do… “Torelians” must fully dedicate almost all of their spare time to practice, this is why my Order is so selective of it's members. It is not enough to read and comprehend, you must apply the techniques. Zorabia is something I recieved during evocation on the Torelian Plane. I summoned Mammon and ask for wealth, instead I recieved Zorabia. I did'nt know what Zorabia was until I began useing it in ritual. Through (Hebraic) Numerology I found Zorabia contains all of the numbers of the Four Princes of Hell. I choose to no longer use Shemhamforash (A word comprised of all the Hebrew names of god as one) as I now use the more fitting Zorabia! As you can see “Torelians” must be fully dedicated to the occult and are not closed minded to any facet of occult studies. My studies of Torelia have assisted me far beyond my normal constraints of mundane Magickal practice. Welcome to Torelia!!!


The Basics of Torelian Magick By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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