Belanger, Jeff

Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger is a Paranormal investigator and founder of, the largest paranormal Web site on the Internet. Jeff Belanger became fascinated with the supernatural at age 10, when he investigated his first haunted house during a sleepover at a friend’s house.

Belanger has worked as a journalist for various newspapers and magazines. In 1999, he launched Ghostvillage. com as a repository for his writings on the subject of the supernatural. The site quickly grew to become the largest paranormal community on the Internet. In 2006, he launched Ghostvillage Radio, a weekly podcast featuring the Ghost Chronicles show. Belanger’s books include The World’s Most Haunted Places (2004); Communicating with the Dead (2005); The Nightmare Encyclopedia (2006); and Ghosts of War (2006).

In 2006, Belanger became a founding partner in Ghostworld. com, a commercial venture to host conferences. He also launched Ghostvillage University, a program to offer interactive lectures and workshops.


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