Beltane – Raven Grimassi

Beltane - Raven GrimassiHail Spring with a Bright Fire Celebration!
Discover the roots of Beltane or bright fire, the ancient Pagan festival that celebrates spring, and the return of nature’s season of growth and renewal. In the only book written solely on this ancient Pagan festival, you’ll explore the evolution of the May Pole and various folklore characters connected to May Day celebrations.

Raven Grimassi reveals the history behind the revelry, and shows you how to welcome this sacred season of fertility, growth, and gain with:

  • May Day magick and divination: Beltane spells to attract money, success, love, and serenity; scrying with a bowl or glass
  • Beltane goodies: Quick May Wine, Bacchus Pudding, May Serpent Cake, May Wreath Cake
  • Seasonal crafts: Maypole centerpiece, May wreath and garland, pentacle hair braids, May Day basket
  • Springtime rituals and traditions: the Maypole dance, May doll, the Mummer’s Play, Beltane fires, May King and Queen
  • Myths, fairy and flower lore: Green Man, Jack-in-the-Green, Dusio, Hobby Horse; elves, trolls and fairies; spring flowers and their correspondences

This well-researched book corrects many of the common misconceptions associated with May Day, and will help you appreciate the spirituality and connection to Nature that are intimate elements of May Day Celebrations.

Welcome the season of fertility, flowers, and fairies with Beltane: Springtime Rituals, Lore & Celebration.

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Beltane - Raven Grimassi
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