Bia : Force



Bia and her siblings, Kratos (Strength), Zelos (Zeal), and Nike (Victory), children of Styx and Pallas, serve as Zeus’ enforcers. (This is not the same Pallas as Athena’s friend.) They are his constant companions, never leaving his side (except when he wants his privacy). Styx allied herselfwith Zeus during his war with the Titans. As a reward, he honored her by having the Olympian deities swear oaths on her name and by employing her children. (Their father is a Titan, and so technically they are Titans, too. Zeus kept them safe and distinct from the other Titans by housing them in his own home.)

Bia, goddess of force, power, physical strength, and compulsion, was the spirit sent to bind Prometheus. She is invoked for protection and courage. She is also in constant communication with Zeus and may be requested to deliver messages to him.


  • Nike
  • Pallas
  • Prometheus
  • Styx
  • Zeus


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