Binzuru is the Japanese name and manifestation of Pindola, first of the sixteen Arhats. Legend says he broke a vow of chastity and so Buddha forbade him from attaining Nirvana. Alternatively, magic got him into trouble: Binzuru is an occult master. Once, rushing to meet Buddha, he thoughtlessly flew through the air, causing pregnant women to miscarry. Buddha punished him by ordering him to stay on Earth until Maitreya, Buddha of the Future, arrives. Yet another version says that Binzuru attained Nirvana but chose to stay and rescue people. He lives on Mount Marishi and is ever ready to respond to a call for assistance. He is a compassionate, proactive spirit of healing and pain relief. Because he himself lives in pain, he has vowed to alleviate that of others. Although most associated with physical pain, he heals psychic pain and heartache, too.

Rub your hand against the part of Binzuru’s statue that corresponds with the part of your body that needs healing or relief. Simultaneously invoke his assistance.


Binzuru manifests as an elderly man with long, unkempt eyebrows and a bushy white beard. He wanders the world performing rescues and good deeds.


Carved wood statues emphasize his ascetism to the point of being virtually skeletal.



Sacred days: Binzuru’s Japanese festival is held on the first Saturday of August.

Binzuru is a pivotal character in Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano’s graphic novella, The Dream Hunters.

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