Bor Forest

Branišovský Forest
Bor Forest

The mysterious Bor forest, also called Branišovský forest, is located southwest of Česke Budějovice. This mysterious forest hides many scary mysteries and stories told by the daredevils who have passed. Soldiers who have served in the area recall hearing strange melodies sung by a male voice. People have seen a male figure hovering a few centimeters above the ground with glowing red eyes wearing a black jacket and hat.

Four hundred years ago, there was a settlement that lined the narrow road that connected the village to the outside world. The area was full of deep swamps where many people met their premature deaths. A few years ago, there stood a hanging tree. Over the course of several years, many people had taken their lives on the tree. Finally, villagers decided to burn down the cursed tree.

To make matters worse, one night an unknown flying object crashed into the forest. The area was closed for a year and nobody couldn’t enter it – not even soldiers. The forest is not very popular among crazy adventurers and not just anyone will rush into it.

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