The Bubble People – Ghost Story

This story will probably be considered strange, even by those of you who do believe in the supernatural. I think it is odd, myself, but having lived it, I can vouch for it's truthfulness.

One night, way back when I was a teen (grin), something very strange happened. I was laying in bed, in a dark room, facing the wall. I had not yet slipped off to sleep, when I suddenly got that tell tale feeling of being watched. The sensation grew, to the point of my turning over in bed to see if someone was actually there. Well, someone, or something, was, and it is a vision that remains vivid in my mind to this day.

Floating there, just above the edge of my bed, was what I can only describe as a , well, bubble head. A rounded, bald, eerily glowing, face of a man I did not recognize. As I looked at him, he sort of drifted back a bit from the bed, his mouth open in what was an apparently gleeful, silent laugh. To the back of him, smaller glowing bubbles of light seemed to dance on an imaginary breeze. Then suddenly, the bubble simply just popped…like a soap bubble, and with tiny sparkles of light, it, along with the smaller bubbles, vanished. Even stranger than the sight of the bubble people, was my reaction to them. You would think I would react in terror, but instead, I calmly thought, “hum, weird”, and turned back over and drifted off to sleep. It was only in the morning that what I had witnessed began to bother me. Though the sight had been strange and startling, I felt no malevolence in the presence, but more as if I were the brunt of the bubble people's joke… I have wondered to this day, what I actually witnessed, but needless to say, have not shared my story with many people until now, fearing a reaction like, “Um…what were you smoking?”.. But today, I read another person's account of interaction with the Bubble People- in fact, the title was taken from their story.(See “Salt Lake House”) So now I feel more at ease sharing, knowing that if it was a delusion, at least one more person has shared it.

© Paulette Boyd

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