The Seal of Caspiel
The Seal of Caspiel

The Demon Caspiel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon.A great and chief emperor named in the Ars Theurgia. Caspiel is one of a number of Demons associated with the points of the compass. His dominion is the south. He has a vast array of Demons who serve under him, including two hudred great dukes and four hundred lesser dukes and 1,000,200,000,000 ministering spirits. The dukes who serve beneath him are described as stubborn and churlish. Caspiel has an airy nature. Consequently, if he manifests, it is often through images in a glass or in a specially prepared scrying crystal. In Dr. Rudd’s Treatise on Angel Magic, Caspiel is also identified as the chief Demon ruling over the south. He also appears in the Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius.

His 12 most important dukes are :

  • Ursiel
  • Chariet
  • Maras
  • Femot
  • Dudarion
  • Camory
  • Larmot
  • Aridiel
  • Geriel
  • Ambri
  • Carnor
  • Oriel

Each of the 12 dukes is attended by 2,660 lesser dukes. All of the dukes are stubborn and churlish, but many attend Caspiel when he appears.

From : The Art Theurgia Goetia: Of the thirty-one aerial spirits evoked and constrained by King Solomon :

Caspiel is the Great and Cheefe Emperor Ruling in the South who hath 200 great Dukes and 400 lesser Dukes under him, besides 1000200000000 ministering spirits, which are much Inferiour andc. whereof wee (Salomon saith) shall make noe mention, but only of 12 of the Cheefe Dukes and their seales, for they are sufficient for practise.

12 of his dukes.

Ursiel, Chariel, Maras, Femol, Budarim, Camory, Larmol, Aridiel, Geriel, Ambri, Camor, Oriel.

These 12 Dukes have 2660 under [lesser] Dukes a peece [each] to attend them, whereof some of them comes along with him when he is Invocated [invoked], but they are very Stuborne and Churlish andc.

The Conjuration  of Caspiel :