Cauldron of the Gods: a Manual of Celtic magick – Jan Fries

Cauldron of the Gods: a Manual of Celtic magick - Jan FriesImagine the forest. As darkness falls, the somber beeches disappear in misty twilight and shadows seem to gather under their branches. Far away. the blackbird’s call tells of the coming of the night. The birds cease their singing, silence descends. soon the beasts of the night will make their appearance. Between tangled roots, hidden by nettles and brambles, the earth seems to ripple. A few humps of earth seem to emerge from the ground. they are the last traces of burial mounds, of mounds, which were tall and high 2500 years ago.

Many of them have disappeared. hidden by tangled roots of beech and oak. Ploughed flat by careless farmers. others again show caved-in tops where grave robbers have looted the central chamber. The locals shun these hills.

There are tales that ‘strange fires can be seen glowing on the mounds. and that on spooky nights. great armed warriors arise from their resting places. Then the doors to the deep are thrown open and unwary travelers have to beware of being invited into the halls of the dead and unborn. Here the kings of the deep feast. and celebrate. time passes differently and strange treasures may be found. Who knows the nights when the gates are open? Who carries the primrose, the wish-flower, the strange blossom that opens the doors to the hollow hills?

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Cauldron of the Gods: a Manual of Celtic magick - Jan Fries

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