Châlons Werewolf

Châlons Werewolf (1598) French WEREWOLF trial. The Châlons Werewolf was a Sweeney Todd–like tailor who was executed by burning in Paris on December 14, 1598. Montague Summers described the case in The Werewolf:

This wretch was wont to decoy children of both sexes into his shop, and having abused them he would slice their throats and then powder and dress their bodies, jointing them as a butcher cuts up meat. In the twilight, under the shape of a wolf, he roamed the woods to leap out at stray passers-by and tear their throats to shreds. Barrels of bleaching bones were found concealed in his cellars as well as other foul and hideous things. He died (it is said) unrepentant and blaspheming.

Summers reports that the details of the case were so gruesome that the court ordered the documents to be burned.


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